More About US

More About US

 One early morning, I woke up with the name 'Cool Kids' on my mind. I thought to myself, "Cool kids, what? What is something you enjoy, Theresa? Spreading positive energy and fashion. What can you do with both? Create a clothing company. I did not know where to start. Soon, everything became natural. Being creative and a positive thinker helped. By combining these attributes, our business was made. I, Theresa Ross, am the CEO of Cool Kids LLC. Using ‘our’ when discussing Cool Kids is like sharing a message with Cool Kids staff, customers, and supporters to remind them of their importance. We are a team, and none of this would be possible without you.

 Growing up, I did not possess a positive mentality. Most of my thoughts and behaviors were negative. I spent most of my time in school, in detention, or at home due to being suspended. It wasn’t fun. I was angry at the world for some reason.

 My life changed when I learned the power of kindness and positivity. I asked myself, "What’s a way I could make a difference? What’s a way I could influence those around me to understand the value of life without using verbal speech? Side note: I’m known as a motivational speaker and therapist in my social settings. I enjoy sharing the power of gratitude with others. We need more of this. The morning I woke up with Cool Kids in mind, that was it. I knew this was the way I was going to make a difference. Kindness is what we all need but do not ask for. Kindness comes from within and is easily spread. Cool kids spread a cool message through clothes! How cool is that?

 Cool Kids was made for you. Cool Kids was made for your children. Cool Kids was made for our world. Clothing is part of our daily lives. Most of our communication is nonverbal. When we see apparel that has an honest, positive, and cool message behind it, we want to be a part of that. What catches your attention? One thing I have noticed when discussing our name or when I'm wearing Cool Kids gear is a smile. When people see the name Cool Kids or hear it, they are smiling. I love that! All of our attire is custom-made by me, from our logo to each piece. Each piece was made with you in mind. We always think about what our customers need and would like. What would you like to see? What is something that would make you want to shop with us? We enjoy feedback and honest opinions, so never shy away from sharing your thoughts. Every piece is made with quality material, in sizes for all of us, and designed for you. Our customers like our fast responses, fast shipping, and comfortable fit gear. CoolCaps Kids and CoolCaps are our number-one sellers sitewide right now. I'm not surprised. My kids don't want to take theirs off.

 As I end this, I just want to share a story from this morning. My 3-year-old son owns a CoolCap. I've now washed it (not recommended) about 5 times, and it’s still in great shape. Nile wore his CoolCap to school. He removed his coat and jacket but not his cap. Niles teacher asked him to remove the cap until recess, and then I asked him to remove it as well. He refused. I then walked Nile to the hallway and had a discussion with him. Nile is a sweet, well-behaved kid, so we were surprised by his behavior. I told him it’s okay to be upset sometimes; we respect the rules of our environment. The hat you love symbolizes kindness. Are we being kind right now? He said no. Nile, you can wear your cap later. He took off his cap. Nile's attitude changed, and he said, I am a cool kid, mommy; I understand what you are saying. Do you know a 3-year-old who says they understand what you are communicating? Proud mommy moment. My kids teacher mentioned in our parent-teacher conference that my kids were good at expressing their emotions. I believe it's good to validate your child's emotions, always. Everyone emotions. We are emotional beings. It's natural to feel every single emotion. It's okay. Feel it and validate what were feeling. Kindness is being considerate, thoughtful, and aware of yourself and others. Kindness overpowers all. Kindness is the real cool. Always will be. 


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