Evolves Piece Me logo design represents evolving within ourselves. Piece Me symbolizes the imperfection in developing in ones growth. A simplicity explanation,  you vs you. It’s a reflection image of yourself as your wake is active. I placed the arm over the other stick figure shoulder to invite gratitude onto this journey. Gratitude is displaying appreciation. Why is gratitude important? What does gratitude mean to you? Continue to express gratitude as you are allowed to experience this lifetime and watch your life change for the better. 

There is no lost, only lessons a.k.a levels.


I keep the original logo on the dash of my car and it changes my mood throughout the day. If I’m feeling overwhelmed, I take a look at Piece Me. One look and I’m snapped back into the now. One look and I’m reminded that I’m a product of my choices. One look and I’m graciously thankful for every moment of now. One look and I’m sending love to each person as I past by them. We are all on our own journey, we decide who’s allowed to join us. We do what we choose to do in this lifetime. Off circumstance of course, but mostly based on our will, diet and beliefs. As you evolve on this journey I want you to know you are never alone when you have you, you are never alone when you gifted with wake, you never alone when you show gratitude for being.


Remember, it’s personal.

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