All living things on earth are either growing or dying. We humans are living.

There comes a time in our lives when our souls crave more. It craves more because we are capable of more than we are now. Evolving is developing into a convoluted version of what already is. I designed this collection to represent the beauty behind change in life. Change in ourselves.

Each figure represents you. The first is a version of you that no longer exists, and the other is you as you continue to learn and grow. This is your journey. What is something that is important to you in this life? This is the question I asked people today as I did my weekly grounding in the park. Each individual had their own answer to this question. It was beautiful. The top answers I received were health, family, peace, happiness, and their friends. They don't know this, but by sharing the answer to this question, they revealed a deep part of their makeup through evolution. Most people understand that being part of others lives is important. They were happy to answer questions from family, friends, and their pets. Not a single person answered about their job, home, car, or money. Knowing that the surface does not play a huge part in our makeup gives humans the advantage to make a difference.

It feels good to be part of something bigger than myself. Every day isn't good for me. Sometimes I cry and become frustrated when I feel as if I'm not doing enough. Being a single mother of two toddlers while taking care of everything myself can be tough at times. One concept that keeps me going is comparing my old self to who I am now. Knowing that I am handling life better than I used to. Change is a beautiful thing, and it's even more beautiful when you believe in yourself.

Being able to spread positivity in a fashionable way is amazing. When wearing clothes, it's nice to know the meaning behind the brand. You are doing a great job being you. Never give up. Show gratitude for now and understand that there will always be ups and downs in life. The only way to make the bad days better is to change your view of them. It's your time to evolve. 

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